I know you could care less about me — some random stranger who happened to ensnare you with this catchy lookin’ article you can’t draw your attention from — but hear me out:

What if you could work with some of the top online marketing education teachers without stepping foot in a classroom?

Could you imagine them training you to help local business owners (like yourself) with building web presence?

Here’s just a glimpse of what you might expect to learn:

– How to make any website look great on all devices, especially mobile

– How to get more buyers to see your offers, especially when they’re ready and looking to make a purchase.

– How to leapfrog your competitors in the local/maps listing, and the regular Google results. Get Froggy!

– How to erase unnecessary spending on outdated, ineffective strategies like Yellow Pages listings, Dex nonsense, and direct mail

So why should you care?

You’ve looked over your own website and we both know you can use some help in learning to get more business via the internet.

But, because you’re just learning the ropes, you wanna do it free and all spotty at best.

To prove this stuff is more valuable than that tattered up worn down game controller you’ve got stuffed behind your pillow.

Here’s what I propose:

Let me work with you FREE for 1-2 weeks. Consider it a trial. No strings attached. We can do it on a virtual handshake.

We’ll find out if you don’t see a significant uptick in knowledge, while still paying less than your average Digital College Tuition is collecting.

But naturally, this sequestered vault of knowledge will impress you… and then you’d be able to talk business.

It’d be totally up to you as we’re not much for arm twisting and gut wrenches.

All I know is: the education behind this page has taught me well. I’m ready to do some damage in towns across the globe and help someone else fill their mind with a better business knowledge base.

I hope it’s yours.

But I realize you don’t know me from Adam. I also realize you’ve probably been burned by some slimy “School For Profit Company” in the past…

… And you’re probably pretty skeptical about this whole other side of online marketing thing.

I get it.

I’m not asking for your money and a prayer to bring you better ROI. I’m seriously beginning to doubt that trickster stuff even works anymore.

A chance to help you, for free, to understand the very same tactics your Online Education Programs should be teaching to make your business jump.

I know that when I deliver, you’ll want me in your corner for the long-haul.

Hit us up or just fill out the contact form around here, if you’re interested.

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• P.S. – We can work with your current website or make a new one. You’ll be in charge of all the access yourself, so you’re not giving up sensitive info to some random “Education Administrator.”