I didn’t start learning to build websites in the 90’s and early 2000’s. While working at a hotel I worked with someone who learned it from his older brother. When he told me what he was learning I thought because of my art background I might like doing this as well.

I didn’t start learning to build websites in the 1990’s or early 2000’s. While working at a hotel I worked with someone who talked about it from his older brother. When he told me what he was learning I thought he was a bit of a geek. Although because of my art background, I might like doing this as well.

Back then there wasn’t all of the drag and drop website builders that are available nowadays. In those days it was all about writing code and then making endless changes just to get it to look right.

Sure there was always the option to pay someone thousands of dollars to throw one up for you. Most the time, they’d just install WordPress with a free theme; I’ve come to learn now.

I’ll bet you too, had that fear of doing graphics from scratch using programs like Photoshop. We had to spend almost as many hours on graphics as we did with the code. By then, nobody wanted to finish building the page, let alone a complete website.

Thanks to some of today’s best education programs, I’ve come to learn building websites was and still is a valuable tool to have. As the world becomes more and more web based, society itself, left me alone, being able to have a hand in helping people. It’s a way for me to  get their business and their story out to the world. If there’s anything to learn from this, it’s this whole digital design thing is going to be lucrative.

I ended up working with a friend who me how to design and code for a few years and then went on my own and did my own thing for a number of years.

Like any other job, I got decent and then got tired of it. So I did as any rational tech geek would do…I went to work for an oil company for few more years in ND.

how to build websitesWhile working in ND I knew that industry was in a downturn and while planning ahead I learned about SEO and internet marketing.

While working in ND I knew the oil industry was in a downpour of sludge and spiraling up with every turn of the auger. So while planning ahead, I learned about SEO and internet marketing.

I’ve thankfully since found out I could do both, build website designs and online market to collect some type of clientele. Common sense says I’d need my own clientele to pay me monthly for doing their marketing. I just had to find out what was legit and what wasn’t.

After spending weeks and thousands of dollars on numerous marketing and SEO courses, I stumbled into this video with some normal looking nobody. You know what I mean; the video with some guy talking about how he left MLM to build lead generation websites full time.

This guy seemed to be a bit more down to earth and realistic than those you’d always see hopping in or out of some supped up sports car. I signed up with this online training program and learned from two of the best in the business. They taught me and many others how to build some sexy ass super fly websites.

With my lack of attention keeping capabilities, the great step by step process they themselves developed made things so much easier.

As a student I learned there were many business owners out there, both small and large in size, having little or no online presence.

They had either paid marketing or SEO firms which were charging thousands every month to watch such business owners struggle to pull a customer from page 5 or 6 of Google.

Then there are some whom had never paid anyone to help them. They’ve just as well lost any hope to market their businesses and get the phones ringing.

How To Build Business WebsiteSome of these businesses have success but the majority of them do not. That’s why these two guys created the training process.

Some of these businesses have success, but the majority of them do not. Seeing such a common issue among the masses caused these two guys with completely different personalities to start the training process which changed my life.

Brad and Dan have decided to let their students know there was and still will remain more than enough businesses out there that need digital online marketing services.

Even better, we do not have to go out competing one another in finding our own clients. There’s no mandatory monthly buy in for us to keep utilizing the skillset we’ve come to learn.

It has been 6 months since I started with the SEO and internet marketing service. It’s going very well and I can attribute it all to my learning how do web design like a child, while looking like a pro.

Both SEO and graphic design are a very powerful tool to learn and have in your pocket. Thanks to the skills I’ve come to learn, I’m able to build my own laptop based business.

I now see a clear future laid out for my family and the sky is the limit anywhere we want to take it.