How I Stay Motivated Each Day

daily motivationEach day I wake up and look out the window, I see how beautiful it is in Arizona. I have never really lived anywhere else other than two years I spent working in North Dakota for an oil company.


It is not a pleasant place to be during the winter. I have also traveled around most of the country while working for my uncle in the early 90’s building billboards in farm fields and big cities from one coast to another.


The point being that I have had many jobs in which I’ve torn up and abused my body. Usually, this was just to make a buck and I’m feeling it now. Although, I’m not broken down or can’t walk.


You can believe I  feel it in my back quite often. I also learned long ago that I don’t like being told what to do or punching a clock either.


What else is there for me to do then? If I don’t like punching a clock or having a boss, then what do I do? I needed to create my own business and make my own rules set my own schedule.


I was lucky enough to have some kind of a background in web design, which led to my finding out about SEO and internet marketing. I have started to make good money at it and am now able to not only be part of, but also contribute to a group of incredible people who have the same goals in mind.


The best part is we communicate and learn this craft from one another as well as our two teachers. Being in this group we get access to the private Facebook group and we get to see stories of success on a daily basis.


That’s pretty motivating for everyone and it helps to keep you focused and to stay on the rails. I’m not saying you’ll never get a nut cracked on one of the rails from time to time. We’re all still human and learning just the same.


I still have many of my own dreams that are unfulfilled and having the ability to attain them financially is pretty motivating for me. I know I can make it happen for myself because I see proof of it happening every day.


Not even a scam could hold the kind of comradery and care for another’s success could last within this group. It’s not a pipe dream that only a lucky few can actually get to attain.


With that said, I have even more motivation on a personal front. I come from a rather large family and with so many siblings and my parents and aunts, uncles, cousins and etc; there is a lot of motivation to be able to help out during instances of need.


The world is filled with many families like ours suffering these days go through. Not that there is any poverty in my family but being able to help out with instances of financial need or any other emergency that may arise is a motivating factor. My family has always been pretty close so being able to step up when the need arrises is important to me.


My parents are beginning to age and being able to take care of them when they are the point where they need it is pretty important to me. They deserve to be taken care after everything they’ve done for me and my siblings.


I have a lot to be thankful for in my life and when it’s time for me to be the one to take care of any of my family members then I want to be able to that without having to worry about it.


Each and every day is blessing and I intend to make the best of it if it’s within my reach.