building effective website

 Content Counts- You’ll never see the ranks of authority in the Google of eyes searching your niche without it. Nobody blames you for not wanting to write a 2000 word page about your business. We both know nobody will actually go through and read the whole thing anyways, right?

If you’re like me, you’ve got to break for coffee refills just to finish staring through this page. The point of great, unique, well-written content on your site is purely for the bots to see you might know a thing or two about your business.

Add the value of your actually knowing what you’re talking about, the end user reading the page will be more apt to trust you as well. Pictures on sliders don’t always work anymore. Although, we all still enjoy seeing a little personality.

 Votes Matter In Digital Market Elections- Google and other search engines are nothing more than computerized popularity contest judges. Get the most important, highest quality, votes from relevant, highly trafficked websites, you’ll move up the popularity ladder we call search pages.

Before you run off buying all those “mega” value packed backlinks, know Google also knows what they look like. As those popularity contests in high school begin pounding your frontal lobes with the horror of your debate class presidency campaigns, remember the popular votes carried less weight than the electoral votes.

• When you hear folks talking about citations, it can get a bit confusing. I’ve found the best way to describe this to my clients is to reference it to what I know they can relate to.

• Imagine if you were to go hand your business card out to all the neighbors around the block. Every house I go by tomorrow will have the exact same information as the last. A citation is an equivalent to a virtual business card you’re distributing around the web to announce your presence.

Social media is a great way of giving your online presence a real boost as it distinguishes you from just some net user out there. Social media management helps set you up as a real person.

 Timing Isn’t Everything, Though It Counts- To sit thinking you’ve got all this time to work on SEO and still get somewhere meaningful is utter nonsense. To think, on the other hand, you can do all your optimization on one day and be at the top of the SERPs the next is just as foolish.

There’s a very intricate dance your site has with Google in the lead. As for any two-step, with the lack of dedication and consistent attention, the dance can be quite terrifying as you forget or plain old miss your step altogether.

Settle yourself there triple foot, before you stumble over yourself to nowhere land. Pay attention and focus on the step right now. Continue moving forward as, at the risk of sounding cliché “The dance must go on.” Sure, then may you find a nice routine and make everything seem magical as you race to top charts.