Off Page SEO – What’s A BackLink?

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What is a backlink?

Learning internet marketing and SEO? There’s really not quite a lot of things to learn. Though when searching schools with the best online digital marketing course, we’ve come to accept it’s going to take more than one class.

To get to the end result of that perfect marketing job, we’ve come to accept the need for loans and years of extra classes. One of the things most know rather too well, is the “backlink” of student debt linking to your credit report holds a lot more juice than a local Macy’s store card.

Website back linking is set up with different levels of authority as well. Search engines play a societal structure and run digital robots counting votes on incoming link structures running from sites all over the web.

The backlinks from another webpage is tossing you a vote to link you to them as they pass their strength to compensate for the wait of your webpage now as well.

Backlinks have always been a pretty metric for a web page to rank and it’s still true today.

As Google tweaks and fine tunes the internet and how webpages are found or are indexed they are often changing metrics and rules but the backlink is still probably one of the most important.

There was a time when even a low quality backlink could help rank a site but that has changed with Google’s newest algorithm Penguin. It is important to get backlinks from quality and relevant sites.

The content must be relative to what your site is about. You can’t have a link from a log cabin home building site if your site is about classic muscle cars. It won’t help your site get anywhere.

what is backlink

What is the anatomy of a backlink?

There only two types of backlinks but there are a few more different terms related to a backlink.

The overall purpose is to send “link juice” from one web page to another. When a webpage from one site links to your site it’s sending it’s link juice to yours. This link juice can be stopped by using a no-follow tag as well.

1. Do-follow link: when a webpage links any other webpage this is by default a do-follow link.

1. No-follow link: when a webpage links to another web page and the link has a no-follow tag, then that link does not pass link juice. These are done with HTML code. A no-follow isn’t useful in the ranking of a web page because they don’t contribute anything. The no-follow is to link to an unreliable site.

2. Low-Quality Links: Low-quality links are links that come from spam sites, automated sites, harvested sites or even porn sites. These links will do much more harm than good. This is why you should never buy a backlink.

3. Linking Root Domains: This refers to the number of backlinks that come to your site from a given unique domain. I doesn’t matter if a website links to your site 6 times, it will only count as one linked root domain.

4. Internal link: These are links that are from one page to another within a given site. The process is called internal linking or interlinking.

5. Anchor Text: This is text which is used for hyperlinks and is called anchor text. This is used when trying rank for a particular keyword.

Advantages of backlinks.

1. A backlink helps in getting better search engine rankings.

2. Faster indexing. They help the search engine bots discover the links to your site much quicker making your site get indexed quicker.

3. Referral traffic. They help to bring referral traffic and this traffic is usually not going to bounce as quickly.

How to get a backlink.

1. Write an article: If you write an article then often times a blogs will link give you a backlink.

2. Commenting: Blog comments are an easy and free way to get a backlink. This is also good in getting more traffic to your site.

3. Submitting to web directories: These are online directories where websites are listed.

That is basically all there is to know about how backlinks work in SEO and how to get them They are powerful and will help your site get found by Google if done correctly.

How I Stay Motivated Each Day

daily motivationEach day I wake up and look out the window, I see how beautiful it is in Arizona. I have never really lived anywhere else other than two years I spent working in North Dakota for an oil company.


It is not a pleasant place to be during the winter. I have also traveled around most of the country while working for my uncle in the early 90’s building billboards in farm fields and big cities from one coast to another.


The point being that I have had many jobs in which I’ve torn up and abused my body. Usually, this was just to make a buck and I’m feeling it now. Although, I’m not broken down or can’t walk.


You can believe I  feel it in my back quite often. I also learned long ago that I don’t like being told what to do or punching a clock either.


What else is there for me to do then? If I don’t like punching a clock or having a boss, then what do I do? I needed to create my own business and make my own rules set my own schedule.


I was lucky enough to have some kind of a background in web design, which led to my finding out about SEO and internet marketing. I have started to make good money at it and am now able to not only be part of, but also contribute to a group of incredible people who have the same goals in mind.


The best part is we communicate and learn this craft from one another as well as our two teachers. Being in this group we get access to the private Facebook group and we get to see stories of success on a daily basis.


That’s pretty motivating for everyone and it helps to keep you focused and to stay on the rails. I’m not saying you’ll never get a nut cracked on one of the rails from time to time. We’re all still human and learning just the same.


I still have many of my own dreams that are unfulfilled and having the ability to attain them financially is pretty motivating for me. I know I can make it happen for myself because I see proof of it happening every day.


Not even a scam could hold the kind of comradery and care for another’s success could last within this group. It’s not a pipe dream that only a lucky few can actually get to attain.


With that said, I have even more motivation on a personal front. I come from a rather large family and with so many siblings and my parents and aunts, uncles, cousins and etc; there is a lot of motivation to be able to help out during instances of need.


The world is filled with many families like ours suffering these days go through. Not that there is any poverty in my family but being able to help out with instances of financial need or any other emergency that may arise is a motivating factor. My family has always been pretty close so being able to step up when the need arrises is important to me.


My parents are beginning to age and being able to take care of them when they are the point where they need it is pretty important to me. They deserve to be taken care after everything they’ve done for me and my siblings.


I have a lot to be thankful for in my life and when it’s time for me to be the one to take care of any of my family members then I want to be able to that without having to worry about it.


Each and every day is blessing and I intend to make the best of it if it’s within my reach.


building effective website

 Content Counts- You’ll never see the ranks of authority in the Google of eyes searching your niche without it. Nobody blames you for not wanting to write a 2000 word page about your business. We both know nobody will actually go through and read the whole thing anyways, right?

If you’re like me, you’ve got to break for coffee refills just to finish staring through this page. The point of great, unique, well-written content on your site is purely for the bots to see you might know a thing or two about your business.

Add the value of your actually knowing what you’re talking about, the end user reading the page will be more apt to trust you as well. Pictures on sliders don’t always work anymore. Although, we all still enjoy seeing a little personality.

 Votes Matter In Digital Market Elections- Google and other search engines are nothing more than computerized popularity contest judges. Get the most important, highest quality, votes from relevant, highly trafficked websites, you’ll move up the popularity ladder we call search pages.

Before you run off buying all those “mega” value packed backlinks, know Google also knows what they look like. As those popularity contests in high school begin pounding your frontal lobes with the horror of your debate class presidency campaigns, remember the popular votes carried less weight than the electoral votes.

• When you hear folks talking about citations, it can get a bit confusing. I’ve found the best way to describe this to my clients is to reference it to what I know they can relate to.

• Imagine if you were to go hand your business card out to all the neighbors around the block. Every house I go by tomorrow will have the exact same information as the last. A citation is an equivalent to a virtual business card you’re distributing around the web to announce your presence.

Social media is a great way of giving your online presence a real boost as it distinguishes you from just some net user out there. Social media management helps set you up as a real person.

 Timing Isn’t Everything, Though It Counts- To sit thinking you’ve got all this time to work on SEO and still get somewhere meaningful is utter nonsense. To think, on the other hand, you can do all your optimization on one day and be at the top of the SERPs the next is just as foolish.

There’s a very intricate dance your site has with Google in the lead. As for any two-step, with the lack of dedication and consistent attention, the dance can be quite terrifying as you forget or plain old miss your step altogether.

Settle yourself there triple foot, before you stumble over yourself to nowhere land. Pay attention and focus on the step right now. Continue moving forward as, at the risk of sounding cliché “The dance must go on.” Sure, then may you find a nice routine and make everything seem magical as you race to top charts.